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Iconic professionals will make an evaluation of the company’s financial needs and raise the appropriate type of capital that best fits those needs. Capital is raised in order to create, develop, grow or acquire businesses. Corporate finance solutions are provided based on several inter-related criteria and will be tailored to the serviceability of the business. Iconic simplifies this process for clients by making an assessment using the predictability of future cash flows.

The primary goal of this finance is to maximise shareholders value, and can be divided into long-term and short-term solutions.

Short- Term Capital

These decisions deal with the short-term balance of current assets and current liabilities; the focus here is to take the immediate pressure off by managing cash, inventories, and short-term borrowing and lending (such as the terms on credit extended to your customers).

Long-term Capital

choices are tailored to see a business well into the future. Iconic will make recommendations on which areas of a business should receive investment, whether to finance that investment with equity or debt, and when or whether to pay dividendsto shareholders.

Iconic professionals are experienced with capital investment decisions, and have proven results in sourcing short-term and long-term finance options relating to fixed assets and capital structure.