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P Harvey

‘Let me start off by saying I wish I had been in contact with them sooner. We had been worrying about our situation for some time and had let it get to the stage where we were becoming very concerned about the future of the business… We spoke to many different companies but found your follow up and professionalism to be of the highest standard. I was extremely relived after your first week of work to see that what you promised you delivered.’

I McPherson

‘I believe that the advice you gave me over the phone in the first couple of days was invaluable and allowed me to make an informed decision in a very short period of time which has ended with the best possible outcome… I can also appreciate the fact that I could call you at any time to answer the most simple of questions. Not to mention the numerous follow up calls from yourself.’

S Bozic

‘At the time I was ignorant of the legal situation, or of the financial predicament, another person had left me in… Lucas then took steps to resolve all these issues and kept me informed at every stage of the process. It would be a great pleasure to recommend them to whoever may need their services…’

D Wilkinson

‘I would be happy to speak to anyone in the same position as I found myself in, firstly to reassure you that you are dealing with a reputable organisation and to share the relief of knowing you are going forward.’

Robert Dhu

‘I would definitely recommend them to anyone whose business is experiencing financial problems. It’s difficult to approach people for help but it’s worth it.’

A Kent

‘What we really valued throughout our dealings was their sincere concern for our personal welfare and their reliability to attend to urgent matters and return our phone calls promptly… he always made us feel that our affairs were of primary concern to him and he responded accordingly… You have given us a new lease of life.’